Penis Envy magic mushrooms



Penis Envy magic mushroom are extremely popular and the most sought-after strains of strains of psilocybe cubensis.  Penis Envy magic mushroom are three times more potent than other mushrooms.  The effects of Penis Envy magic mushroom may come on quickly due to higher levels of psilocin than psilocybin.

About Penis Envy

Penis Envy magic mushroom can impact you differently based upon a variety of factors, like your size, weight, your state of health, whether you have taken them before, the amount you take, and more.  The setting in which you are taking them and who you are with are critical factors.  Being in nature, in a safe, calm and tranquil setting, with no pending pressures or obligations is ideal for the user.  Being with good, experienced people who have taken magic mushrooms before is often considered by many to be essential.  Doing your due diligence about the effects and potency of Penis Envy is also highly recommended.

How Strong Are Penis Envy magic mushrooms?

Different mushrooms have different levels of strength; the type of mushroom is important.  Penis Envy magic mushrooms are highly potent and can begin to take effect within around 30 minutes.

The use of magic mushrooms rarely results in any severe symptoms. But you need to learn more. Don’t take a large amount or you may experience symptoms like agitation, upset stomach, or feel muscle weakness.  You may get paranoid, but avoid all of these by being smart and moderate in your consumption.


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