14 Week Intrinsic Form – Mass Cycle


Extremely intense muscle growth with Mass Cycle. Dramatic increases in mass, size and density are reported. Awesome cycle and a MUST TRY!

14 Week Intrinsic Form – Mass Cycle


14 Week Intrinsic Form – Mass Cycle

Product Requirements: 4 bottles of D-BOL, 3 bottles Liquid Anodrol, 1 bottle Test Suspension, 1 bottle Winni-V, 1 bottle Omifen

D-Bol and Anodrol are used in high doses for the first 2 months. Test Suspension is used for the final month to help shock muscle receptors into continued growth and also to define and rip muscles at the same time. Omifen is utilized at the completion to stimulate natural testosterone and prevent estrogen side effects. In two words this product is EXTREMELY POWERFUL.

Diet recommendations: Eat meals in equal caloric portions every 2 hours for 5 – 6 meals daily.

Weeks 1-10:

70% – Protein ( 2 grams per pound of bodyweight )

20% – Fat

10% – Carbs

14 Week Intrinsic Form – Mass Cycle


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