10 Week Precision Form Mini Cycle


The 10 Week Mini Cycle is designed for bulking in the first 4 weeks of training and moves into cutting and hardening in the final phase. Incredible mass and definition are reported from our users!

10 Week Precision Form Mini Cycle



10 Week Precision Form Mini Cycle

Product Requirements: 1 bottle of D-BOL, 1 bottle Liquid Anodrol, 1 bottle Test Suspension, 1 bottle Equidren, 1 bottle Masterbolan, 1 bottle Winni-V, 1 bottle Somatroph HGH, 1 bottle Omifen

The 10 Week Mini Cycle is a shortened version of the 14 Week Precision Form Peaking Cycle seen above. It is structured for extreme muscle growth and strength development in the first 4 weeks with D-Bol and Anodrol. Starting with week five begins the cutting phase of the cycle. The cycle is designed to produce dramatic muscle mass growth in the beginning weeks and move into an extreme cutting phase peaking in week 10. This cycle may produce extremely dramatic results.

Diet recommendations: Eat meals in equal caloric portions every 2 hours for 5 – 6 meals daily.

Weeks 1-10:

70% – Protein ( 2 grams per pound of bodyweight )

20% – Fat

10% – Carbs

10 Weeks On/ 2 Months Off


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